If you are moving house  (down-sizing or up-sizing​), relocating overseas, redecorating or simply editing your collection, Rid It Homes can sell your quality furniture for you conveniently and quickly.

Simply email us a photograph of the item you would like to sell, with a brief description including the age, brand and condition, plus the original purchase price.

Based on this information, you will be advised within 48 hours whether the merchandise is acceptable for sale at Rid It Homes.  If so, we will make an appointment to view the item and provide you with a valuation.

If the valuation is acceptable to the consigner, you will be asked to sign a consignment contract ( click here to view or print) defining the terms and conditions of consignment at Rid It Homes.

The contract states the amount you will receive once your item has sold.  Rid It Homes adds its selling commission to this amount to determine the selling price of the item.

We will then arrange for the furniture to be transported to our showroom.  This cost will be deducted from the consignment proceeds.

​Example Scenario:
Item sells for £1000, client receives £600, Riddit Homes receives £400
​​If sold from clients property, amount received by client is 60% and Riddit Homes receives
Riddit Homes collects the item and stores it until sold, client receives 50% and Riddit Homes 
receives 50%
The contract is valid for 90 days.
At 60 days if the item remains unsold, we apply a 20% reduction in the quoted amount as per contract.​

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